Chic Beach Wedding Ideas

A destination wedding is an all popular way to celebrate nuptials, but whether you can get away or not, you can bring a tropical feel to your big day just the same. You can make your wedding feel as though you are surrounded by a tropical paradise, and what’s even better—it’s not at all difficult to do!

Bright colors and fun accents are what make a beautiful tropical beach wedding theme memorable. Pops of pinks, blues, and green are great places to start with your color palate, along with sparkling additions of gold and copper glitter that are reminiscent of seaside sand. You can also get really creative with such things as tropical fruits and details that you can only find at the beach, such as pineapples and coconuts, and seashells and pearl-filled oysters. You can utilize these in tons of different ways, from centerpieces to drinkware to miniature versions that hold napkins or place settings! Why not even put your own twist on these tropical items by spray painting them gold or carving in bride and groom initials? There are tons of options for affordable, DIY projects you can do to cater to your own personal style.

Textures are also just as important, so opt for looks such as wood, rattan, and even boat roping that you can do just about anything you wish with! Garlands, banners, or even chair décor is possible and you have many ways to put this together that fits your big day perfectly. From big tropical flowers and leaves to seaside music to glittering lights, your tropical beach wedding theme is sure to put a smile on everyone’s faces.