Chic Garden Wedding Ideas


Weddings are a magical event, and having this occasion outdoors brings an extra air of the whimsical. Every wedding day is set in an unforgettable theme, and if you’re taking your big day out in the sunshine, look no further than a chic garden motif. Bringing classy and romantic together, your wedding will surely be memorable.

Decorating for a chic garden wedding is as simple as it is versatile, yet the entire look will seem exquisite in its design. Start with a simple, yet refined palate of décor colors: navy, blush, gold, white, and a bright color that will offer a pop within the look, such as bright pink, yellow, or green. White table linens with a striped navy runner and floral centerpieces filled with garden roses are an absolute staple for the event’s look, along with pristine glassware, fun, fizzy drinks, and signage with gold, loopy lettering.

Place settings at cocktail hour and dinner should be elegant yet welcoming, so you can even add personal monogramming to the mix on glassware, napkins, and even small favors on guests’ seats. Of course, the most beautiful chic garden looks are in the details, so don’t forget blush hued chair sashes, garlands of plush white, and rose bouquets absolutely everywhere you can! Between the sweet aromas of the flowers and the sparkle in the décor, you can’t get any lovelier than a chic garden wedding day.

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