Countryside Wedding Ideas

The English countryside is one of the most beautiful and breathtaking spots in all the world—so why not bring that beauty to your wedding day? With décor that takes your guests into almost a completely different realm, this wedding theme is a delightful mix of easy to put together and interchangeable with any kind of personal taste.

An absolute must have for any English countryside wedding theme is lots of lush greenery. Think thick garlands, fanciful wreaths and framed signage, tree accents, and artwork of divine sunsets. Scents of that greenery in the form of sweet flowers and nostalgic pine or oak also help to tie the entire feeling of the theme together.


Centerpieces and bouquets should be simple, yet elegant, so opt for white and ivory versions, such as English roses. Greenery accents on tables is also a fantastic addition, along with purposeful textures of woven cotton or burlap in linens. Stick with a simple color palate in whites, greens, and browns—anything reminiscent of what it would literally feel like to travel through the English countryside. A simple symbol of a leaf design (such as a wreath or ribbon shape) can also run with your theme, and you can incorporate this symbol into everything from napkin ties to glassware to labels, and to even personalized guest favors.

The English countryside has a personality all its own, and when you bring together your big day with this theme, you can truly create something magical.

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