Lavender Wedding Ideas

Lavender is the most beautiful, calming, and even tasty flower in the world. With gorgeous purple tones and a refreshing scent, it’s as gorgeous to look at as it is to smell, and you can find lavender in everything from oils to perfumes to even cakes! The very loveliness and romance of the lavender flower is what makes it a perfect foundation for a wedding. Take your big day to the next level with a lavender theme and make it something that guests won’t soon forget.

Decorations have got to include tons and tons of purple hues—but this doesn’t mean things have to look redundant. Wrap lavender bouquets in thick bouts of burlap string and ribbon and place them in blown, crackled glass apothecary vases for centerpieces. Hang bunches of dried lavender above doorways and twine pieces for table sides. Sprinkle bits of lavender on tables instead of confetti and pair bright yellows and hunter greens with your lavender theme for an amazing pop of contrast. Canvases of lavender watercolor artwork and lavender hued bows tied on the backs of chairs are also a super sweet décor addition.

Infusing food with lavender is an absolute treat for the tastebuds. Lavender pound cake with lemon glaze or chocolate brownies with candied lavender topping are both mouthwatering highlights of the dessert table. A thickly frosted, purple cake—both inside and out—towering in multi-tiers on the main event table is a breathtaking sight, and with lavender flower accents to surround the bride and groom cake topper, it will surely be a cake to remember. Did you know that beverages can be matched up deliciously with lavender as well? Set up a lavender hot chocolate or lemonade station for guests, depending on the season, and create a signature lavender cocktail for the family speeches and toasts.

A lavender themed wedding isn’t complete without fabulous favors, too, and a great place to start with ideas here is the lavender itself. Cute little gift bags containing lavender seeds for guests to plant in their own home are a great keepsake! The seeds are also a fun alternative to other seeds normally thrown in the air as the bride and groom leave the reception. Lavender gourmet treats that guests can’t get anywhere else are a fantastic takeaway, as well. Lavender themed gift baskets are an especially beloved wedding favor, and you can put together an assortment of lavender candies, lotions, soaps, and sprays—all personalized to the bride and groom’s big day!

Regardless of how you choose to incorporate lavender into the wedding day, this theme is truly one that is as magical as the nuptials themselves. Lavender is the perfect way to transport guests into the bride and groom’s whimsical love story fairytale.




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