Spring Pastel Wedding Ideas

A pastel themed wedding is about so much more than the lighter side of the color wheel. Pastels are almost magic in their hue, with an ability to evoke different emotions and feelings just by looking at them. This makes pastels the perfect canvas to create a gorgeous wedding. Simple invitations in blocks of pastel colors will do, so as soon as you send these special announcements out, get ready to put your imagination to work!

Spring Pastel Wedding Decoration Ideas

What’s especially great about pastels is that every single color mixes and matches without a hitch. You can pair pastel green tablecloths with pastel yellow chairs and it looks beautiful. Put together pastel blue and pastel purple for a fresh look, or pastel pink and pastel gray for something exquisitely romantic. Your options have never been more limitless! Paper globes in pale peach shades and garlands of silk, purple and pink flowers are a sight to behold. Make every chair at each guest table a different color for a delightful rainbow of joyful pastels. And don’t just let your color wheel end at pastels—add in doses of metallic for a beautiful, bold look, too! Pastels and metallic look brilliant together, so add small details such as gold rims on a pastel centerpiece or shiny silver serving trays that compliment pastel napkins and plates.

You will never see anything quite as gorgeous as pastel infused food—especially desserts. The main wedding cake can be single or multi-tiered, but make sure that fondant and frosting is full of life with pastel colors. Opt for an ombre look going from light mint to deeper pastel turquoise shades from the top of the cake down. Macaroons are the perfect dessert to showcase pastel beauty, so pick every hue of pastel you can think of to create a tray of colorful cookies. Jordan almonds in pastel coatings are unexpectedly sweet, while pastel colored jars of all sorts of treats are equally enchanting. It never hurts to throw a little sugar glitter onto your pastel food, too, as this provides an extra dash of magic. White chocolate truly becomes your best friend because you can dye it any pastel color you wish and dip any decadent dessert into it. From oreos to sweet breads, you can create an edible pastel look right out of a fairytale.

Speaking of that twist on the classic Jordan almond, why not wrap up some in a pretty keepsake bag for your guests to take home as favors and enjoy later, too? Personalized pastel teacups or measuring spoons are things that everyone will both enjoy looking at and using. Make gift boxes full of an assortment of gifts, including bubbles to blow when the bride and groom leave for the night. Pastel is always in style, in season, and loved by all, so really you can’t go wrong with a wedding essentially built around these beautiful arrays of colors.