Ten Wedding Theme Ideas

Ten Wedding Theme Ideas that you will love!

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, and every couple not only wishes to capture their romance on that big day, but to also throw a fabulous party of celebration for their guests! What better way to do this than to incorporate an amazing theme into the big day? Below, we’ve rounded up a top ten list of some seriously special, unique, and all-around fun themes to make your wedding day infinitely unforgettable.

1. Gatsby Wedding.

This classic theme has gained more popularity than ever the last few years—and for good reason. Glitz, glamor, and a remarkable good time are all rolled into one with this timeless motif. From beautiful bridesmaids’ bejeweled swing dresses to dapper groomsmen suits, the Gatsby 1920’s vibe shines through even the smallest of wedding details. Art deco in shining hues of gold and silver metallics practically drip from all décor. Deep red and black floral arrangements, flowing crystal beads from the ceiling, and huge suspended globes are just a handful of ideas to bring in this roaring ‘20’s celebration. Great era music and a creatively propped photo booth are fabulous additions, as well.

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2. Fairytale Wedding.

With this absolutely romantic theme, the options for décor, food, and dress are beyond limitless. The core of the Fairytale Wedding really only requires one must-have: whimsical ambience. You can never overdo the use of Baby’s Breath flowers or twinkling fairy lights. A tiered wedding cake, woodland details such as etched bark and flowing Spanish moss, and most certainly plenty of sparkling princess jewels to go around are all perfect accents that leap out right from a Happily Ever After Fairytale.

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3. Winter Wonderland Wedding.

For all those enchanting November through February weddings, a Winter Wonderland motif is something truly magical. With violet and blue romantic low lights, faux snow-covered branches, and deep red and ivory roses, your guests will feel as though they walked into the story of the Nutcracker. That very famous ballet soundtrack is also great to have on your music playlist for your reception, too. Chairs tied with soft gold bows and icicle lights lining the ceiling make for a special wonderland effect. Remember, you can never have too much white and ivory in your décor scheme—and an ice luge fountain is something that guests will enjoy and remember forever. If your wedding falls around the holiday season, be sure to add in a little extra bout of holiday cheer in your aesthetic, too.

4. Summer Solstice Wedding.

On the opposite end of the spectrum from a Winter Wonderland theme, comes the Summer Solstice Wedding. Think bright sunshine, sweet treats, and colorful floral masterpieces as the start of this overall canvas. Flower crowns, flowing bohemian dresses, and plenty of burlap accents make for a beautiful setting. It’s definitely a bonus if you can have this big event outdoors. Shabby chic and refurbished furniture and accessories make for a gorgeous atmosphere addition, while chalkboards with food and drink menus and old wood boards with romantic song quotes are a really nice added touch.

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5. Costume Wedding.

Whether you’re having a Halloween wedding soiree or not, a nuptial soiree centered around a costume theme is a positively grand time for guests. Maybe you opt for a masquerade costume, keeping the focus on the masks exclusively, or maybe you give the guests free for all to come dressed up in costume however they choose to celebrate your big day. If your wedding is in the fall time, don’t forget an abundance of pumpkin décor, along with plenty of unique metal works and table settings that are just as exciting and colorful as your costumed guests themselves. A photo area is also an absolute must to capture your guests in their get-ups as they arrive.

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6. Beach Wedding.

Laid back, full of smiles, and usually an absence of shoes, marks a perfect Beach Wedding! Groomsmen in Hawaiian shirts and bridesmaids in hula dresses are a great way to really spread the theme. If you can have your actual wedding on the beach, then the whole atmosphere of the motif comes straight to you without much decoration at all! If you’re replicating a beach in your own special venue space, that totally works, too! Bring in the giant surfboards, have a tiki bar set up, and light up plenty of palm torches to keep your guests dancing the night away as if they were on the coast. Luau music is always perfect for this, and so are specialty themed cocktails.

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7. Literary Love Wedding.

The sky is the limit when it comes to a wedding themed towards a love for all things literature. With this theme, you can mix Harry Potter with Jane Austen with Shakespeare, or you can stick with just one of your very favorites. Use old books in your décor to save on your budget, as well! They serve as great centerpieces, table markers, and just randomly placed decoration anywhere! Don’t forget to have signage that includes book quotes, character portraits, and a photobooth with all the literary fixings to transport your guests into a timeless story. Of course, you also can’t go wrong with a spectacular detailed wedding cake in the form of an actual open book!

8. Medieval Wedding.

Take your guests way back in time—centuries actually—with a wedding full of knights, princesses, and even a castle if you can swing it! Bridesmaids can be actual ladies in waiting to the bride in their dresses, while groomsmen can be the knights to their king (a.k.a. the groom). Crowns are definitely a must here, along with delicious medieval-era food and drink in, of course, goblets! A jousting match and games are great ideas to keep guests entertained and involved with the theme, while transforming your venue into an old dining hall fit for 12th century Kings and Queens is something no one will soon forget. Incorporate medieval dancing as well for an extra dose of authenticity.

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9. Disney Wedding.

Who doesn’t love the Disney universe?! Much like a literary theme, you can really mix and match all of your favorite characters, or keep ode to just one story. This is an especially great theme if you have lots of kids attending, as their attention will be positively captivated. Take the theme into a treat table full of cakes and candies, and have a projector playing Disney movies on a giant screen. Merge in popular Disney sing-alongs into your wedding DJ list and offer favors that embody the enrapturing nostalgia that is Disney.

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Disney Wedding

10. Mad Men Dapper Wedding.

Much like a Gatsby party, a Dapper Mad Men Wedding truly encompasses a refined style from the 1950’s and 1960’s era. Set up a cigar and whiskey bar for your guests, and put together red velvet tablecloths with classy teardrop chandeliers. Set up live jazz or old rockabilly, and give your venue a truly cool flavor. Hor d’oeuvres are especially great with this theme, and they offer loads of food options for your guests. Have guests take photos that you’ll develop in black and white, and decorations that showcase old records, players, and fashion from the classiest decades.